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From a humble start in 2009 with 20 Toyota Coasters to becoming the largest public transport company in Rwanda today, Kigali Bus Services Limited is committed to being the benchmark for public transport services in the region.

At present we have a fleet of modern Urban City Buses totalling more than 100 as well as 7 modern coaches. 

In August 2013 the company won the Government Tender for Zone 1 in Kigali City. This gave us dedicated routes covering all the main routes in the city.

Our Vision is “is to be the benchmark of a quality passenger transport system in the whole of East Africa”.

Our mission is “to be the best public service transporter for passengers in the Region.”

  • Surpass customer expectations by continuously serving high quality transport services
  • Uphold transparency, honesty, trustworthiness, and general integrity in dealing with all stakeholders
  • Maintain an inclusive working environment that embraces new ideas, change, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to realize one’s potential
  • Remain committed to social responsibilities and to social issues affecting the communities we serve
  • Add value to shareholder’s wealth by conducting business profitably and be individually and collectively accountable for behaviors, actions and results
  • To be amongst the best Rwandan companies in good corporate governance

In a nutshell, pursuit of excellence in everything we do is the overriding principle.

Our Green Policy

We were the first company to introduce EURO II & EURO III buses. In 2014 the company decided to take an even bolder step in line with our “Green Policy” and opt for EURO III fully automatic computerised gearbox buses. EURO III means that the emissions from the engine have to comply with the European Emission Standards as set down in the EURO III compliant regulations.

The benefits of reducing emissions & introducing EURO II/III Buses

  • Reduction of Pollution Levels of CO and CO2
  • Healthier air for the citizens to breath
  • Less health problems and cost to due effects of Air Pollution
  • Less emission of greenhouse gases
  • Less global warming
  • Cleaner city
  • More modern city appearance from proper public transport buses
  • More safety and comfort for the passengers

Our company therefore became the first to be providing support of Cleaner Air and a smaller carbon footprint in Kigali which all goes to help reduce the Greenhouse gases emissions which cause Global warming and reducing the amount of Particulate Matter Particles of 10 micrograms or less which are the main cause of respiratory illnesses from air pollution.

Our Technology

We employ various technologies in our operations  like Smart Cards, Fleet Management to 4G Technology

Smart Card

At KBS we implement Automatic Fare Collections using Smart Cards. We use Smart Cards from our technology partner AC Group

Fleet Management

We have incorporated Fleet Management System as part of our Technology

4G Technology

Our Buses are now also fitted with 4G Internet connectivity through an installed Router

Our Keys to Success

Keys to success for Kigali Bus Services are:

Dedicated quality Urban City Buses with modern standards such as:

  1. Escape Hatches
  2. Emergency Exit windows
  3. EURO II & EURO III Emission standards
  4. Security Cameras
  5. LED Destination displays
  6. Automatic Gearboxes for a smoother ride

We offer the best services to our clients

  • Customer satisfaction & interaction:(customers can use our website blog or email us at customer services)
  • Competitive prices using the smart card daily, weekly or monthly pass
  • The right transport for the passengers
  • Employee satisfaction and fair wages
  • Capacity building incentives
  • The right attitude, culture and full support of the employees
  • Technology

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