Kigali Bus Services Ltd.
PO BOX 1266
Kigali Rwanda

Tel:  +250788832176

Customer Care Service

Our Customer Service is available to assist you with any difficulties you may have when travelling with Kigali Bus Services Ltd. You may contact Customer Services by email at:

Kigali Bus Services Ltd. is a customer oriented company and is always looking to provide the best possible experience for its customers, so if you ever encounter any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact Customer Services.

Toll Free Number: 4031

Depot and Offices

District: Gasabo
Sector: Rusororo
Cell:    Nyagahinga

How To Get There?

  1. From the opposite of Salt & Pepper Indian Restaurant, take the dirt road down about 50 metres
  2. On your left are two large metal brown doors, this is the entrance to the Depot and the office buildings.

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