Fares & Smart Cards

Welcome to the world of Cashless Payment with our Tap&Go Smart Cards.

The Smart Card Ticketing System for KBS is provided by AC Group Rwanda

You CANNOT travel without a valid Tap&Go Smart Card with sufficient credit

Please visit them at: http://acgroup.rw/

You may register your Smart Card by emailing your Card Number, Full Name, and National ID/Student Card or Passport details to the following email address: customerservices@kigalibusservices.rw

If in case of lost or stolen card, you may come to the Head Office of Kigali Bus Services Ltd. at Gakinjiro with your official identity card to request a new card.

  • Your old card will be blacklisted and you may get a replacement card with any balance or time remaining from your old card for a replacement Fee of RWF5,000.
  • Please be aware that from the time of reporting your card lost or stolen, it takes a period of 48 hours before we can blacklist the card. If in this time the card has been used you will lose that amount of credit.

Note: Any abuse of your card shall cause your card to be blacklisted!

A Contactless Reader/Writer is mounted on the buses near the driver’s seat or entrance to perform the task of checking the validity of the card of the commuters.

  • The commuters must “touch” the card on the contactless reader upon boarding the bus.
  • The reader will then check the validity of the card and upon approval/rejection; a buzzer will be activated with different tone for approval and rejection.
  • When a Monthly Pass is touched, the reader will display the expiry date of the card for the commuter’s/driver’s knowledge.
  • When a Prepaid Card is touched, the reader will display the balance amount on the card after deducting the fare.

Anyone found travelling on Kigali Bus Services Ltd. buses without a valid ticket or card is liable to prosecution as per the law!

If your Monthly Pass has expired or you need to top-up your e-wallet with credit, just go to the locations where you see the Kigali Bus Services Ltd. Top-Up Logo and/or watch out for the Kigali Bus Services Ltd. Mobile Top-Up staff who are moving around the city to make sure you can get a top-up.

  • All Fina Bank Branches
  • Authorised Mobile Operators in the city
  • IREBE New Image (opp. Chez Venant)
  • KIMIRONKO at Mushimire
  • UMUCYO at Samuduha
  • UTC at UTA Travel Agency

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